Piston area on rear FJ80 brake calipers? (1 Viewer)

Sep 30, 2011
Oak Lawn, IL
I building a 40 and using a 80 booster with Wilwood calipers on all four corners. Currently running DynaPro 6 pistons in the front (5.06” piston area) compared to 80s 6.07” piston area I believe. I’m trying to figure the best bolt on master cylinder to configure this but don’t know the piston area on early FJ80 rear calipers.

Anyone have an idea? I believe it’s a single piston, if I can get the diameter I can do the math to figure the surface area, then hopefully select a matching rear Wilwood caliper and the best corresponding master from CruiserTEQ.

right now I’m leaning to the BKN60570N with a 1” bore like a stock 80 and hope with the booster I get a good feeling pedal.


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