Pioneer 5.25" Speakers

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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
I've got to bite the bullet. Factory front speakers are now farting at me while listening to talk radio....and even the booming bass of Jimmy they gotta go.

(They really sound bad when BMT comes up and secretly sticks in his "98 Degrees" CDs and cranks it! :eek:)

I'm NOT an audiophile by any means and ran into the el cheapo Pioneer 5.25 120W speakers.

Will these fit? I don't need to use the factory grilles, but would like it not to look too bootyfab...

look at mounting depth...that is what matters most.

do a search on this forum for "speaker" and you will be pleased with the result :flipoff2:
I don't know the part number, but I put some Alpine 2-way 6.5" speakers in the front AND rear doors of my '93. The fronts fit in with no spacer or trimming. The rears will fit with a bit of sheet metal trimming and 1/2" spacers. The look is clean and those Alpine speakers ROCK!!

I don't know if these are the ones Outback is refering to, but I heard they fit. Alpine SPS1329s for the front doors and SPS1029s for the back doors. Also I believe the Eclipse SE8252 front and the SE8242 rear will fit also.

I have SE 8252 Eclipse front and rear (rear took cutting).

Sound great!
Eclipse replacements here, cutting required.

Still looking for a suitable replacement for that massive 4" Pioneer 'subwoofer' in the center console, though...any ideas (other than the boxes, etc.)

Cary - did you ever figure anything out?

96-97 80 owners.....tell me about the factory sub in the PS Rear panel........thinking that's a possibility for me as well.
"My name's Mike D and I'm back from the dead..." What the F!!! :flipoff2: :flipoff2: The only thing that is 98 degrees around here is the temp. There will be no gay boy ass clown bands being played in my cruiser!!! :D O.K. not that that is out of the way. Next time I come up to Flag we will install the Kenwoods from mine into yours. It may be a couple weeks. I pulled the stock grill and used the Kenwood and it required a "custom" spacer between the door and the door panel. Actually, I may be able to mail them up to you some time next week. Let me know.

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