pinnacle 3 inch on fj60

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Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
anyone got it? if so how do you like it, would you recomend it, etc...

i put the rears on when my rear alcans went south. it's a little hard riding and too soft when you put weight in the back end.
im interested in this lift too. the best deal ive seen so far. i might by it in pieces so my parents dont get pissed off at me wasting my money all at once. anyway id love to hear some info on this lift. thanks -TC
I have the 3 inch deluxe pinnacle lifts with greasable shackles and can't complain. I bought the truck like this so I cannot compare it and have never rode on a stock vehicle springs. I can say with 32x11.5 inch tires(which I usually inflate on the high side to save gas) and the lifts, that it is bouncy. If you want to test drive the 62 and you are in the Chicago area you are welcome, as long as get a chance to ride in your 60. :DThe springs have aged well with no major sagging or leaning. the springs have 8 leaves on them. Hope that bit of info helps. Good luck.
I called JT outfitters this morning and talked with the dude about it for 10 mins or so. He told me that the problem with sagging (with weight) was a problem with the kits of a 2 years ago. He went on to say that the problem had been resolved. I think I'm gana go for it. Now I'm just trying to figure if I'm gana get the delux kit or the normal one. I'm trying to guess if the shocks and shackels are worth 200 bucks

can anyone explain why this lift hes a particular spring for rear R/L? From what i've seen in the past they are the exact same.

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