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Oct 6, 2012
surrey bc!
hey guys so i have a 1978 bj40 and before i got it, it had been sitting for 5-6 years. ive had it for about a year now and ive ran it just in the back yard weekly and once on the road. for some reason the pinion seal decided to go on me recently,(im thinking because of the years it was sitting). ive never done one before but it seems pretty simple on the videos. but the only problem is i dont want to buy the wrong seal. is there a part number for these seals and where i can get one?

any help or advice would be appereciated :)
Marlin crawler seal sold by Kirt at cruiser outfitters who's onboard shower is the star of extreme 4x4
i'd go toyota. 90311-38047 is what the old seals all supercede to now.

the marlins look great, but if they are like the axle seals, there may be issues down the road. the 40/55/60 guys don't have issues with the axle seals because we are part time, but the 80 folks have found that when the axle is spinning all the time, the marlin seals are wearing out the seal mounting surfaces. until these have been run for decades by multiple folks and found not to cause excessive wear, i'll stick with toyota. no bashing to marlin, i love him and his stuff and i run his axle seals in my pigs, but i won't run them on my 80 until i finish the part time conversion because of this issue
that looks like it. your old one may not look like that. they were originally just flat, but all supercede to the one with the funky collar.
The seal probably leaked (and suffered excess wear) due to play in the taper-roller bearings on your diff drive pinion.

If so, you'll need to eliminate this play as well as replacing the seal.


PS. When there's no load on the drive shaft (eg. Don't have the park brake on while sitting on a gradient if you're looking at the rear diff) ... see if you can detect up and down movement in the drive pinion flange. If you can, either it's come loose on the spline or the taper bearings need adjusting, or both.

Play in the taper-roller bearings is eliminated by decreasing the overall shim thickness.

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