Pinion seal leak

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Oct 1, 2010
Lubbock Tx
So I was replacing my rear wheel bearings and seals and noticed my pinion seal is leaking. So after researching here I find there may or may not be a crush sleeve I need to worry about. Seems like in the late 84 is when they started the crush sleeve. I can't find where to check what month my 60 was made but seems like I found it once to be a early 84 production. Any way to tell after I pull the seal which it has? I tried moving the flange and only getting a little movement, maybe a 1/16in at most. So do I just do the bit of getting the new nut back where the old nut is or is this a case of total rebuild? :meh:
Driver door jam have the month/year?
Chances are good that you can replace the seal and tighten up the nut, restake it and be just fine. The Toyota crush sleeves are very stiff, much more so than domestic stuff, they don't change their shape easily.
You can pull the flange and replace the seal. I swapped flanges on both my 3rd's, just unbolted and bolted back on. Thousands of miles later, no problems.
just pull and replace the seal....your not diggin that deep to where you will harm the sleeve or spacer.
find out if you have a crush sleeve (most likely you do)

Then fix the issue.
After 2 days of reading old posts I'm still not sure how to find out if I have crush sleeve short of complete break down of Diff. Some say they were put in starting in 78 and a number of posts state 11/84 was when they started using them :bang: . Can you tell without total break down?????
yes, pull the pinion, the seal and the outer pinion bearing. Then you can pull the crush sleeve or see the shims.

You should have a crush sleeve.

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