pinion bearings

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Apr 16, 2003
How diificult is the replacement of these bearings. I am reasonable mechanically inclined but I have never done this sort of thing. i have the shop manual and a good rearend book so i am assuming that these will be helpful. How can i tell if the gears are shot or should i just assume that they are since the bearings are wayy bad and basically done.
Yep the manual will be helpful! The set up kits will include the bearings and crush sleeves. Randy's Ring and pinion, Reider Racing, and all of the Cruiser vendors will have them. If the gears aren't pitted from years of rust, or teeth chipped, they are probably ok. If you replace them you will also need the correct pinion flange since all replacements are fine spline.
It may not seem like it now, but it is cheaper and easier to buy a used one off this board. I think that UPS will send it, too heavy for Fed Ex. Or it is the other way around. With gears, a friend did his 7.5" mini front end for like $700. He was forced to take it to a shop due to incompetence and my unwillingness to help. The shop gave him a piece of paper that had the correct size of shims that he needed to have installed but that they did not instal. Going price for a used diff, $100, forty dollars shipping.
if anyone wants to sell a comple third member, I'll buy it if the price is right. I would preffer a front because they say they have fewer miles on them. thanks in advance
The open front sounds good for 100. just some questions first. What year is it out of? Also, do you happen to know f it will fit the rear. I am assuming it will since they look the same, have the ring and pinion in the same orientation and such. Thanks

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