pinion bearing lubrication

Aug 2, 2002
I have a 74 '40 I'm completing with an soa. It' got an NV4500 so the rear driveline is (going to be) needless to say, short. I've rotated the rear pinoin up to alleviate some of the angles, but I'm wondering about pinion bearing lubrication. The way I figure, in the stock configuration, (no rotation) the oil level in the rear end is actually above the bottom of the bearing, providing adequate lubrication. In my current configuration, I'd have to fill the axle half way up to get the same lubrication. I understand the gears splash the oil around as everything spins, but is that enough? I am going to move the filler hole up on the cover so it holds more lube, just how far/how much lube to I need to keep my pinion bearing happy? ??? thanks in advance for the help!!
Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
Don't know exactly how much further up, it would be as much higher as the pinion bearing got raised. So if you pinion bearing was raised an inch, raise the fill hole an inch.
My easy non-time consuming fix would be to fill up rear diff on an incline facing forwards down the hill. :D Or get some of those ramps for changing oik and back onto them. Not the best fix in the world but hey it works.

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