Pin hole leak in top of Radiator

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Mar 27, 2007
Just before I put my landcruiser in the shop to get the front axle service/lift/diff fluids done etc, I noticed a small pin hole in the plastic on top of the radiator that had very small bubbles protruding. As soon as I get it out of the shop Friday, I'm either going to:

A. Have the radiator flushed and the plastic top replaced at the best shop I can find in town.

B. Order completely new radiator and have it installed with new
upper/lower hoses.

I just ordered the PHH and FHH tonight so those will go on next
week as well.

A or B? If B, is there a favorite place to order oem radiators online?
Second Cj80's response. Get the 93/94 radiator with the 3-row core as a replacement. You may want to replace the fan clutch with the blue base model if your rig still has the original. Great time to replace the drive belts as well...
I have a 94. Do all 93/94's come with the better radiator already? Where do you get the blue base fan clutch at? Dealers carry them? If CruiserDan sells all this stuff, does he have an online store? He doesn't except PM's.
He does respond to PM, give him some time. Definatelly go with Toyota OEM radiator.

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