Pillsbury Mud Run Feb 18, Saturday

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Nov 4, 2002
Lakeport Ca
Hey, A week from tommorrow, Saturday the 18th of february, We can meet at 6:am at Dennys in Ukiah for Breakfast then leave at or around 7:am for the run up to lake Pillsbury, Get gas in Ukiah, no gas Stops up the Road, we'll meet at the Air Strip at 8:am, i'll be one of the Ones at Dennys after i Gas up.

See you all!!!! there Gunner
Anyone have a spare seat? I could drive up from the bay area Sat. morning. Still working on getting my cruiser back together.

Hey Kevin...

While I cannot confirm a seat, I am very very sure one will be available. There is always a huge turnout for the mud run...

I might suggest you get up there early... early enough to meet for breakfast at Dennys in Ukiah (Not the Talmage Exit, but 2 more exits, forget the name... talmage, Gobbi, and then ?? which has Dennys on West side). Meet everyone there for breakfast, follow group over hill to air strip, and go from there.

I think just by the fact you get up early and make it there in time... folks will think you a savey enthusiast with a burning desire, and graciously afford you a seat.

or something like that.
The street name is Perkins St go west over the over pass Dennys is on your left next to Chevron.
I don't think I will be able to make it this year but you never know.

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