Pictures of my 77 FJ40

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Apr 17, 2010
I'm in the process of removing the old tint from the windows.
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I would like to keep it original but I'm going to get it painted. I bought it in Tucson when I lived out there and now that I live back east I'm afarid of it rusting worst then it is. It's only surface rust now but I'm afraid it will get worst here in the humid wet weather.
Nice cruiser.Id get a very good paint job and Ziebart everything else to protect it. MIke
That is a sweet rig and I'd hate to loose the patina but you'd better do something to slow/stop the rust. It'll eat your rig otherwise ... unless it's a garage queen. You probably know already, but just in case, get yourself one of those little clothing steamers to help you remove the window tint. Got mine at Wally World for $20, works like magic.

I was going to see about putting Zero rust on the frame.
I have some pictures of the inside but can't load them because three's the limit. The inside is all original including the factory AM radio, seats and floormats. It took me several years to get the owner to sell it as it was never for sale. It still had the bias tires on it. I had to put a new factory gas tank in it and I had Jim C. rebuild the carb. it had been sitting for about nine years. I would like to do a frame off restoration but I don't know how to and I know it would cost alot so I'm just going to get it painted back the factory color, Desert Beige and have zero rust put on the frame. I don't plan on driving it in the snow unless I HAVE to.

Very nice 40, can't find them like that anymore in the rust belt...

keep it in the garage and don't drive it in the salt in the winter and it will look good for a long time....

I live just north of Cincinnati and i think the "acid rain"(as it used to be called) is what does the most damage in this part of the country.... Think about all the krap the steel mills and factorys put in the air to come back down with the rain...
No, it was never in El Paso, I bought it in Tucson about 2 1/2 years ago and never had a place to work on it because I lived in an apartment, so after this winter I started working on it and got it running, it runs great and a compression test showed all six cylinders at 140. It was tough walking by it everyday for over two years and never getting to drive it. It was bought new in Tucson in Nov. of 1977. I'm the third owner, the second owner bought it in 1983.
regardless, it is a sweet cruza!

also, have u checked the paint and body forum regarding the dune beige? I believe there is about three color code for beige and vary slightly, plus depending on the color primer, that might vary the shade of beige (from what i hear). I could be wrong...

are you gonna do single or two stage paint job.?
I haven't checked the forum but I think the color code is 364, I'll have to look on the plate again to make sure.
I don't know much about painting automobiles so I don't know the difference between single stage and two stage, which would you recommend? Also what is the best brand paint?
Nice find.:steer: I think you'll be o.k. back East, as long as you park it for the Winter. Good luck with your project.

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