Pictures of my 1977 Fj40

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Jan 14, 2007
Wilkes-Barre PA
Well Finally I can post some pix. I have taken about 200+ just so I can put the thing back together.... For only being 17 I think im doing an alright job.. LET ME KNOW FJJJ.jpg
thats the same age as i was when i got my first cruiser, a 74 fj40, bone stock with a chronic breakdown issue. i never had enough money to really get into a resto so it was a fix it a she breaks situation. often this meant walking out of the bush and hitching home for parts and my dad's pick up. but i learned a ton working on that thing, as i continue to do up to today on my third 40. keep up the good work, looks like you're having fun there!:cheers:

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