Picture request: heater and ducting

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Nov 5, 2005
I want to take my heater apart to flush it with clr as per a previous post, but I dont like doing this type of thing without a manual b/c I have a crappy memory. My tsm does not have any of the required pics (or at least I have not found any) so I would be gratful if someone could post a pic of how the heater core sits in the heater housing and how it all fits together.

Most owners just reverse flush them with the garden hose and dont bother removing them.
IMO it aint worth the effort of removing it unless its totally blocked or leaking
My front heater blows cold whenever the outside temp gets around about -10*C. THe back heater however blows hot all the time. One fellow on a previous post mentioned that he got better heater performance after flushing his whole system. I plan on doing this also, but want to remove the heater core to flush with clr.

Wow, what a great site, and an opportunity for me to learn french. Thanks


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