Picture Request: Carb fan hookup

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Aug 30, 2009
I need a picture of how the thermo-sensor / resistor that sits under the intake manifold (connects with a green plug) - how it plugs into the carb fan.

been searching for a while for this, and since my desmog i cant find the connection for that sensor anywhere. is it possible it was connected to some of the smog equip i pulled out?

I'd love to see pics of that connection, it would really help.
no my thermo is perfectly fine, it worked like a champ when i took it off the truck, only problem now is that its not plugged in! i couldnt find where it plugged in after my desmog. i think the plug it plugs into was attached to some of the smog stuff that came out of the truck.

thanks for the info !!
The plug should still be there after a desmog; however it could be an issue of removing the location where the wire attached to the exhaust stuff.
ill have to post up some pics. i cant find that blue wire anywhere.

anyone have pics of the blue wire PLUGGED into the thermosensor??
Try this...Follow the green solenoid connected from your carb toward you fan. There should be a plug in front of your master cylinder. Near that plug I found the blue wire coming out of my wire hardness near that plug.

Mine has been tampered with though and I will have to do some repair work to mine as well.
yeah i found the blue wire, but no sign of the male end of the green connector which would fit into the thermosensor..

im thinkin i might try and splice the blue wire into the sensor.. that should do the trick right?
Yeah, splicing should work. My plug melted a little so I decided not to. Like others have done, I just grounded mine. The carb fan comes on whenever I shut the car off, but turns off after about 20-30min. Battery doesn't take a hit and no harm done.
cool. im gonna splice it and see how that works, and if not i'll just ground it out.

cheers- :beer:
Spliced it this morning and it works like a champ.
I'm going to need to do the exact same thing...got any pictures of your final product?
i'll take some pics tonight when i get home and post em' up for ya.

just snipped the green connector from the thermosensor wire, got some extension wire, soldered it on to the thermosensor wire and the blue wire, heat shrink tubing over both solder connections, and boom it works.
My guess is that the PO did the ground the blue wire trick so I'm curious to see how this turned out for future reference.

made an extension between the thermosensor and blue wire, soldered it in, then insulated the splice with heat shrink tubing:


connection btw the blue wire and thermosensor side:


Pic of the thermosensor, i insulated the thermosensor end of the wire with electrical tape


hope that helps


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