Picture of AC pressure switch Wiring?

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May 16, 2008
Bend, Oregon
I'm doing some troubleshooting on the A/C that the previous bone-head owner messed up. Long story short but fans all work, etc, but no AC clutch activation. After repairing all the PO wiring hack, which consisted of a switch in the cab with battery power direct to the clutch, I still don't have AC.

Upon checking, the AC pressure switch is not plugged into anything! Whats worse is I don't have a loose plug anywhere, so I'm wondering if anyone has a pic of where this ties into the wiring harness so I can try to track down where the plug is or why its missing?


its hard to tell from the angle of the pic but the wires that look like they are coming out of the pressure switch are behind it and go to the headlight I think.


Howdy! Just looked at my 97 FZJ 80, and it has two wires into the oval socket on the pressure sensor, one is Yellow w/red stripe, and the other is Blue /w red stripe. Looks like they may be peeking out of the larger harness that is above the sensor switch. I'd follow that lead and see where it goes. John
Just a quick update that the pressure switch being plugged in solved my A/C issue :rolleyes: I suspect that when the P/O changed the front DS headlight, he forgot to plug in the pressure switch plug. So, a bit of advice to follow the FSM in terms of troubleshooting steps. Had the P/O done this, I would not have ended up with a hackjob of wiring spliced directly into the a/c clutch, through a switch in the dash, and back to the fuse block. That guy probably spent a few hours putting in that hack when 10 min of following the FSM would have fixed the issue. Simple checks first eh? (I pulled my AC amplifier board first to check it (easy) but checking the Pressure switch is ahead of that in the FSM...go figure! )


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