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Jul 18, 2010
Raleigh, NC
I'm in need of fairly close up / detailed pictures of how the original front seat rails attach to the floor and seats in a 1978 FJ40 (i.e. gas tank under pass seat and completely open under the driver side).

The driver seat I have just has flat rectagular rails and the pass seat has two curved rails that would go around the gas tank. I'm interested in seeing how they are suppose to mount. Checking SOR I see these small brackets as well as these taller tower looking brackets for the driver side.

I'm really eager to see close up pics of the real thing and through searches here can't find anything except for fabrications folks have done that aren't original.

As a bonus: it would also be great to see 3 point seat belts mounted.

I have a new tub in mine so nothing is original and has been welded / hacked up and I want to get it back to org.


not the best shot, but here's what the passenger side should look like - i'm assuming '76 is same as '78. you need the rear support brackets (2 tall on pass side and 2 shorter on driver side) to support the rear of the seat frames/sliders.
Pass side seat bracket.jpg
Pass side seat bracket.jpg
Awesome stuff all around, but makes me realize I obviously have some aftermarket seats (which I knew the whole time). Now I'm just not sure the best way to mount them.

I'll have to get some pics of the seats I want to install (seats are stored at my inlaws right now). That may help frame up my situation and encourage some good discussion on how to proceed.

For pass side:
1) The rails go all the way from front to back so they don't bolt to the seat rails like the first pick provide shows
2) No way of knowing if I need the rear mounts or if the current rails on the seats just would bolt right in to the floor with no problems.

For driver side:
1) I will def need the rear stand things and the taller stand(s) near the pedals
2) I need to understand: are there 2 tall stands near the pedals or just one towards the door and then for the inner stand something is attached from the pass side stand.
3) I'm guessing I could just get 2 tall stands and 2 shorter rear brackets and the rails from the seat would somehow mount to that.

I'm hoping I can take some pictures of the "new" seats rails and that will help generate some ideas. As far as what I have in there now; I'll be starting from a clean slate. The joker PO made some homemade rails, welded them to some old van seats and then just welded the homemade rails to the floor. It looks stupid and I question the safety of it. My plan is just to rip all the old crap out and start fresh with org brackets and hope they attach to the "new" seats I have.

I'm super nervous I'm going to order brackets that won't work out with my seats and even worse, it will probably be hard to confirm everything is going to work until I literally rip out my current seats. I could be stuck with not being able to drive my cruiser while I wait on parts to arrive which sucks because its my daily driver, but I can hop on the old trusty Vespa in a pinch.

Any more detailed pics closer to the seats and the brackets would be super helpful. I'm still trying to understand the mounting points of the brackets to the truck. I think the mounts from the brackets to the actual seat is going to end up being some custom deal since I have after market seats.
I saw this thread and hope someone can help since I have a similar problem.

I am looking for the passenger seat bracket frame as well as the base and sides for my seat. Here is the driver’s side as reference.



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