Pics or vid of fix for EGR cooked wiring loom - P0306

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Nov 27, 2006
Northern VA
Does anyone have any photos, video or threads documenting the details of the diagnosis and/or fix for the EGR-cooked wiring loom condition, commonly known to cause problems with the 6th cylinder misfire (P0306).

I've read more than a few threads on the scenario, with some having some good info. But I haven't yet found one with a visual record of what the loom looks inside... identification/replacement of the 6th Cyl fuel injector wire...or the other places at the ECM or firewall where wiring issue's culprit was located and remediated.

Lately I've had limited downtime to resolve this long nagging problem, and visuals of the resolution process would help me tremendously.

Thanks so much!
I could use some pics/ advice as well. I'm getting an electrical surge about 6 seconds after engaging the transmission in drive and think it is the same egr/wiring loom issue
Here is a cooked wire loom:

Its totally repairable w/o a new harness. Just separate everything and cut all damaged wires. Wires will be corroded and burnt well beyond this viable area when you cut one out go longer than you think to remove any none visible inside damaged wire area as well. Make sure you replacement wire or wires are longer than you think you need this will give you some slack to try and move it farther away if possible. Then match up each color combo/wire one at a time and splice back together. Solder them or butt splice for best results. It will be a lot of work but do-able.

Toyota also sells exact color coded wires for replacement in lengths as well for the purest in us all. IIRC.

When your done wrap it in heat tape.

Jeggs and Summit Racing sell header wrap tape that is rated at 2000*F. Auto Zone and NAPA sell stuff like it in their exhaust sections as well. This works great to shield your wire loom.

The mount in the picture below that the arrow is pointing to originally had a plastic clip that held the harness away from the pipe. They age, fall apart, use a couple of large zip-ties around the harness and through the hole in the metal mount to hold the harness. The clip maybe available from Toyota?

I hope this helps you and is what you were after.
In my case I received the P0306 because of a 'hot' harness, no wires damaged. The outer loom was charred, tape disintegrated, outer wire insulation was dry and stiff but not scorched by any means.

I wrapped it in "Cool Tape" - Cool-Tape 010408 | Purchase DEI, CryO2, Ny-Trex, Boom Mat & SPA Turbo Products | Design Engineering, Inc. - Thermal Performance Products

Available at Vato Zone or Napa, etc.

Cool Tape reflects the heat while the header wrap retains heat in. Both will work for application but the Cool Tape is specifically for wrapping wires and such. I wrapped the small section by the EGR during my stumble with P0306. During my HG job I methodically rewrapped everything through there with 3 full layers and no problems in the Nevada summer heat wheelin'

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