Pics of New Lift

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Sep 29, 2003
Bentonville, AR
All is done.. for now. I got the 850/860s and decided to go with the Revo 285s. I love the set up. However, I think I should have gone with heavys in the rear. I got a little butt sag with about 300lbs of gear in the back. Overall I am very pleased with the setup. Definitly need to get the CC bushings pressed in next week to calm the 'darty' steering. I picked up a little vibration in teh front which I think is my u-joints. I will probably go ahead and have both shafts rebalanced with new UJs next week as well.

Below are a couple of before and after pictures.
Looks good. That's only the beginning!
It has begun...
Nice job! It'll look even higher if you remove those running boards ;p

Definitely replace the u-joints. I had the same vibration and some grrr sounds; after new joints and a re-balance it's gone :cheers:
Yeah. I plan on getting a set of Slee's step sliders in the next month or so.
nice.... same setup and truck i have... i get compliments from offroading enthusiasts all the time. Most people are shocked to see a lexus in the backcountry:eek:
Nice truck!! some dents would not hurt though!.
Get the Slee bule bushings not the OEM yellow and Landtank's template. This will give you better caster correction and the template makes it a no brainer to install.

Next put a front bumper on and it will all even out:popcorn:

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