Pics of Grey FZJ80 w/ Bedlined Flares?

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Nov 11, 2007
Nashville, TN
Anyone have a pic of a grey FZJ80 with durabak or line-x'd flares (see my pic left for color)? I'm thinking of going this route... any input on brands would be great too. I plan on pulling the flares and taking them to a place that does it rather than doing it at home.

pulled mine off a year ago to do the same thing..... and they are still in the attic. :eek:

WORTH product comes in 5 shades of gray but I have yet to see real samples in person.
I did notice I liked the smoother applications much more than some of the courser options. U-pol or raptor liner would be the DIY option that comes with a schutz gun and all (search ebay) and the finish was nice.

Are you looking for black?
I did my flares and lower portion of the body a couple of years ago. I don't know if I took any pictures after it was done, but I can take some and post them up. I used hurculiner and rolled it on myself. It has a pretty rough finish, but I like how it turned out. I took off the flares and sanded them, sanded the body too. all of the body is still really good, the flares wore off a little. I had read that this happens and others have just sprayed with flat black rattlecan to make it look good again, I am planning on doing this soon.
Did mine about a year ago color matched grey at line-x. I'm very pleased with the result. Will try to take some pics tonight or tomorrow.

Awesome! I'm thinking black or color-matched... thanks!
pics please. Mine is grey too
Here we go:



Color match looks better in person, the last pic shows it best.

Looks snazzy! How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking? How's the cleanup with mud and dirt... pressure washer I presume?

anybody have a two tone grey color scheme? I have the desert sand moonglow combo or whatever it is and would like to see that linexd.
Cost was $600, would have been $500 for straight black. Pressure washer works just fine!

If it ever stops snowing I can wash my truck. I spent about $200 on liner and supplies and spent about 10-12 over a long weekend. You can see where it has worn off the flares in a few areas. I plan on spraying with flat black rattlecan. Not as nice as some of shops, but I did it myself and the price was right.
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