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May 8, 2008
Roseville, Ca
Hi there. I am a brand new Landcruiser owner. I just picked up an 1988 and I love it. I am trying to learn all about it right now so I'm happy I found this forum. Would you all be able to post some good pics of 60's cruisers with bigger than stock tires and or big tires and a small to moderate lift? Thanks so much! :) Here's a picture of the new ride.
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Newbies helping newbies, that's nice :grinpimp:
Welcome to you both :cheers:


Red is a great color for these wagons.
Here is a pic of 35's on 5" Alcans


By trapper50cal, shot with EX-Z60 at 2008-04-08


By trapper50cal, shot with EX-Z60 at 2008-05-05

Again, Welcome to the finest resource there is for LC's
And here's another black and tan... also on Alcans, of the 4.5" flavor. :D

Cody C,

How are those Iroks holding up? Do you have many miles on them yet?
then the jeep said "no i dont have problems with crap sticking to my paint" so the cruiser wiped its arse with the jeep.

Too Funny CruisinFJ60 !!

there is no mud on the back of the cruiser cause i was just going through a few small mud holes and thats where the mud got. You can see what a wider stance does to the body. I probally dont have 50 kms on the iroks so they are still new.

How is tippy-r doing? does peter take it out much? is he wheeling ziploc more?
A few pics of mine, SOA, 11r16 michelin xl's (~38")

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