pics of big 60s?

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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
anyone got some gnarly pics of some sprung over 60's i mean as in flipped over destroying rocks flinging mud driving over jeeps?????
here's a few
2 :eek:
holy god what is up with the brown beast?
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holy god what is up with the brown beast?


MMMMM portals.
That pic is a couple months old or so of that beast. It's owned by a guy up in Alberta, Canada. Crazy mofo. There's footy of its test drive outta the shop that's floatin' around the web somewhere (I can't find it) You could probably find out more about it if you went to Rocky Mountain LCs website and bulletin board. I liked it more before--but that's just me. To each his own. Here's what it used to look like--those are like 38s on it in this pic. :eek:

That brown 60 is mean looking :D, It would make most people think twice about cutting you off in traffic.
i found some more info on it on
he calls it TippyR: 4 link air bag susp., H41/203/205 drive train, 3B turbo diesel, 16.00R20 michelins, double beadlocked, unimog 406 axles, 176:1 crawl ratio, 140hp 220 tq, 23.5 inches of clearance to bottom of axle, 25 inches to axle tube, hydraulic steering and winch...

oh god i HAVE to see the video
And in case anyone is wondering, the height it is sitting there in that photo he calls the "Driving Height"--for driving on the freeways!!! And the airbags raise the frame and body up off the axles like 18 or 20 inches or something. The video was linked on Pirate4x4 somewhere. I bet if you searched there you'd find the link.

I have a feeling if he tries to bring it to Moab again he might run into some trouble with lift height laws...the clearance to the bottom of the axle is almost at Utah's height limit (which is: " a frame height of more than 26 inches for a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of at least 4,500 pounds and less than 7,500 pounds") Assuming the sucker doesn't weigh more than 7,500--if it does, then the max frame height is 28 inches.


Here's the TippyR on "double-whammy" on golden spike trail in Moab.

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