pics of 35s

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Nov 25, 2009
Lexington, KY
So I was wondering who is running 35s on a 2.5" OME lift and wanting to see some pics. I'm thinking about slapping some 35s on when the gears get installed.
Your sig line indictaes that you have 34's now- are they worn out? If not, I am not sure that you will notice much difference. I just went from 295/75/16 (33") to 315/75/16 (35") and don't notice a whole lot of difference. I am not really thinking about a re-gear either.
You can search and see lots of pictures of trucks with is your friend. I would search for "35" and "315" and you will get a lot of results...

- Mark
35's and 4 inches of lift
Ole Bessy 002.jpg
35s on 2.5" lift

This is mine on 35" KM2s on 850/860 OME springs before I added the MAF 30mm spring spacers
35's with FOR 3" lift

Flexing a little
Your sig line indictaes that you have 34's now- are they worn out? If not, I am not sure that you will notice much difference.

They're 33.6" brand new...
Did any of you guys regear? Or is there not much of a need to with the 35's?

Have you seen the indestructible Hilux Top Gear video?
315's on 6 inch slee lift with 4:88 gears. Would definitely recommend you regear.
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Have not felt the need

Went from Pryor OK, to Moab UT, On the white rim trail and back to Pryor and I'm not in a hurry to regear.
These are a few pics of my rig before the paint job with 315/75R16s




Hilux is correct. They are just 33.6 brand new so they really aren't 34s. More like a fat 33. My 34s are in good shape but since I'm getting gears (5.29). I figured I might as well step up the tires a notch. I was debating 35s to fill the gap a little better but didn't know how bad they would rub.

What do you guys think about 36s with a set of 30mm coil spring spacers? I'm running OME 850/860 springs.
You could run a skinny 36 inch tire on 2.5" lift. You would have to sacrifice some up travel though. De-flare and then a little nip/tuck and you could do more than that!
Just put these on a few miles ago. Siped 315 BFG KM2's.

OME Mediums all around. Happy so far. :cheers:
2.5" OME Medium with .50" spacers up front, with 315's.

Here is my LX450.

I have OME heavies and 315 Toyos. Armor all the way around now.



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