Pics of 2H Power Steering Setup?

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Oct 16, 2003
San Diego, CA
Well, I've searched... including Google... I am converting to a 2H, and I was wondering if I could get some pics of the Power Steering Setup on an earlier 2H with the Power Steering Pump on the Passenger Side low. I've got the pump, but how is the resevoir set up?
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The reservoir is attached to the sheet metal, not the engine or vane pump with a 2H. My HJ47 never came originally with p/s, for some reason. It would have necessitated a radiator re-design at a minimum, because the inlet neck for the rad is very close to the vane pump pulley.

I fabricated a bracket to mount the reservoir at the left front corner of the vehicle, atop the fender. This is for a LHD set up. If it were RHD, I might look to locate the reservoir somewhere around the battery. So long as the reservoir sits above the pump, height-wise, then everything is fine. Shorter hosing runs are better I suppose. Making the cooling line is a bit troublesome, though installing a small cooler, like a tranny cooler, is an option.

Here's a few pictures I dredged up. The first shows a RHD reservoir install in a 40 series (perhaps not done in an ideal manner), the second a later type 2H pump arrangement, and the third picture an early 2H (i.e., HJ60) set up.
HJ47 stock(?) p:s pump reservoir.jpg
late 2H:12H-t p:s pump-small.jpg
early 2H p:s pump-small.jpg
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These two pictures might be of interest. The first shows the mounting position of the vane pump, and the second shows a later style 60 series engine mount, right side, with the provision for the vane pump mounting (the tab on the left with the bolt through it). The first picture on the left also offers a glimpse of the engine mount for the 47 series (actually, it is early 60 series) - see how it is shaped differently at the top, and angled up more.

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