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Feb 17, 2002
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agent orange said:
When i picked my wheels i didnt do it just so they looked cool, i was just making a comment that i liked the look of a wide wheel with little backspacing. Im sure you have a great deal more experience than I do as far as what works and what doesnt, but i dont see having more sidewall flex as being a downside for an offroad application, and i would think you could make an argument for times when a larger, wider contact patch would be better than a longer, skinnier one. I also like that it helps with stuffing a bigger tire under my rig since it lessens the overall diameter a little. And as far as blowing the beads goes, i imagine that when i start putting myself in situations where im blowing beads like crazy ill be needing beadlocks of some kind anyways. I guess its really a matter of preference and individual needs.

No worries..
Lots of people get rims for a certain "look" it is the nature of the beast.

When I was talking about sidewall flex I was referring to how a truck handles on the road. I know that these vehicles were not designed to handle like a dream but it is nice when they can actually keep a corner and be stable. Sidewall flex out on the trail is achieved by airing down to whatever you need to.

The contact patch is not larger, just slightly wider, which also happens to tend to pull the center of the tread up a bit (cupping). It is kinda a mute point tho. There is almost no difference in contact patches, other than you can air the tire down more without losing a bead on a 8" wide rim and gain significant traction.

As far as fitting a tire, typically the wider rim makes for a harder fitting tire due to the outer edge of the tire geting into the fender. It really depends on what rig, what suspension and how you drive the truck. The "height" is at the crown of the tire, and that is not typically what rubbs..

It is a preference no doubt. I know that I would not put a 11.50 tire on a 10" rim. It would KILL the outer edge of the rim on the rocks in short order and would stuff lots of junk in the bead area itself..
Jul 8, 2005
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S&S1stCruzer said:
Nice pics, how much of a rubbing issue do you have with these?

Keep em coming. Mas Fotos!
They rubbed pretty bad on the front lower corner of the lower fender at full stuff. I just cut off the offending area with a cutoff wheel. I havent noticed any rubbing in the back.

I edited my post and put a better flex shot in there. The fender was taking nice little chunks out of the tire in this shot. I tried the same line after my trimming, and it still hits a little bit on a flat spot on the fenderwell but not enought to hurt the tire or the fender. A little hammer massaging will make that go away.


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