Pics from Moab in the stock 80, no lockers

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Jul 22, 2005
slc area
Here you go guys, enjoy! These are from Hell's Gate. Just finished Fins N' Things and Porcupine this afternoon. Great trails, the 80 made it look like cake work;) A pic of me getting ready to drop into Hell's Gate and then another of me sizing up the ascent. What a run. Had a great time and can't overemphasize the importance of good spotting. I'll keep trying to get the pics up. If I can't get them to work I'll make sure to get them up tomorrow when I get home from Moab. Pics of the other two trails will follow. Again all obstacles completed and no damage sustained. No armor, no lockers, no lift. What do you think guys??
FZJ80 039A.jpg
FZJ80 043A.jpg
FZJ80 045A.jpg
boek- absolutely amazing. I think it makes a lot of peoples' rigs here look waaay overbuilt- many with a ton of mods (ARB, OME, sliders, lots of armor, etc.) have never touched a Moab trail. :doh:

Seriously- great work to you on some skilled driving AND to your wife for what must have been some excellent spotting! Also great to see what a rig without locker can do! Keep it up and keep us posted!

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I have the same rig...fully locked. 3" lift ome and 33's.... rockers.
I've been wondering about moab.....

Looks like i'm of these days.....

I blew a head gasket the other day....waiting for repairs.
Yep, with the availability of mod parts for trail use, it's easy to overlook the fact that these things come standard with features other make owners have to mod to install:

Steering stabilizer
Full floater solid axles with coils
4 wheel discs
Oil cooler
Tranny cooler
P. Steering fluid cooler
Oil pan designed with 'pan within a pan for high angle operation
Fully boxed frame bumper to bumper
Available F/R lockers
Grit/dust cup on air cleaner
Good crawl ratio in low range

Want more?

No rubber CV joint boots to tear in branches
Forged aluminum wheels (all others are weaker cast)
Greasable drive shafts
Elevated axle vents
Engine air intake over 36" tall (water drain in grit/dust cup for small amounts)
Alternator mounted high
Distributor mounted high
4 full strength recovery hooks
ABS disengages in low range
Manual control of power antenna so you can listen without breaking it on brush


Great Pics, Fins and Things is one of my favorite trails and I will be doing it again this year. There are some trails at Moab I would not do without the lift and sliders. The end of Kane Creek has two obstacles, mostly the waterfall that the sliders come in real handy.
I agree Ken, completely. There is some extreme wheeling that requires AT LEAST sliders. Just nice to see that even in bare stock form you can pretty much run all level 4 rated trails. I'd have to say our favorite trail was Hell's Revenge, at least for my wife. We've had a great time here and will be back soon as it's only 3 hours from home:) Thanks all for the compliments. The 80 really is an incredibly well built and designed vehicle. BTW, anybody seen any 80's do the "hot tubs" in Hell's Revenge? Saw a Jeep Unlimited Rubicon, heavily modified come out of one, with his winch and some serious body damage after rear tires hit a nasty lip and shifted his whole line out. Almost vertical drop in to the tub and vertical climb out. Serious stuff.
After "extensive testing":) I think that the most useful would be a couple inches of lift and larger tires or sliders. We didn't hit the rocker panels but sure came close a couple times. So the lift and tires help on that or the sliders. You would have to do some extreme wheeling to really need a large lift. As this is my wife's DD, I think the sliders would come first.
Awesome pics, great driving and spotting. Hope to meet you both ate cruise moab 06.

Sweet...another stock LX without lockers out wheelin. I definately gotta take my running boards off. Nice pics!
great team effort.
IdahoDoug said:
Manual control of power antenna so you can listen without breaking it on brush

You just have to remember to retract it :whoops: :whoops: :whoops:

I have been using my 80 out for work for about 6 months and have already broken 2 antennas. I will say that I am getting good at bending them back to something that will partially retract :D.

You drove down Hell's Gate?

I have not seen that done....:cheers:
Hey, that's no Land's a Lexus! :grinpimp:

Thanks for the nice pics. You guys did real good! :cheers:

I have not been to Moab since 1998. Those pics remind me I need to go back.

edit: Forgot to ask - which tire are you running and what pressure did you keep them at?
great job!

the thing that's bothering me about the no lockers part is that, whereas the traction at Moab is superb and you could probably go fine with just the CDL locked and 2 wheels on the ground, would one not increase greatly the stress on the drivetrain if you lift a wheel, since that axle would get no traction and the whole remaining torque would go to the motive axle?
You have got some cahones - good job !! Now, why did I spend $15K+ building up my cruiser :doh:

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