Pics from Colombia South America

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With that many it might be best to host them on a website and link to them. Email some to me and I'll post em up for you.
Either that or support Woody and this site and spring for a star! :D
make a post and before you submit look near the bottow in additional options click on the manage attachments. Just make sure they are not over the file size limit.
Click on post reply and scroll down to the manage attachments link.

Click on that and post away. You'll need to hit the browse button and then upload each picture. You might have to resize some of the photos depending upon the size of the file. It's all pretty well laid out and intuitive...
I hosted them on yahoo
...let me know what you guys think....I wish I was able to post them here but can not seem to figure out how....thanks for your pointers...I hope you guys enjoy the pics...there are some other 4x4s brands that I thought were interesting
Those are some cool shots, Juan.

Man, when I was in Argentina in the fall, I was there for almost 2 weeks and saw 3 Cruisers TOTAL!! I was in mountainous terrain the whole time.

I understand Argentina has had a history of being challenged economically, but what do you think is the difference between Columbia and Argentina Cruiser-wise? Did Cruisers not make it that far south???

BTW - I saw plenty of 4x4's - D90's, D110's (everywhere), G Wagons, Patrols and lots of other less seen makes and models. Why no Cruisers????

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