pick n pluck foam in the valley

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
anyone know where to get the pick n pluck foam (like the foam that is in Pelican cases) in the valley?
Let me know if you find a source ;)
Nothing to share?
I found out the replacement foam is more expensive to buy separate than to just buy a Pelican case or other case with it already in there.
Really, it has been a while but I thought even from Pelican the foam was cheaper. Interesting
I have a block you can have its ~17.5" x ~13.5"

What are you trying to make? I have made lots of custom cases in the past using standard foam from upholstery shops and a router to do the cutouts. It looks way cleaner and smooth than pick and pluck. We buy them in huge sheets in the military and cut them to case size with a hot knife. High density foam works really well if you are dealing with heavy gear, weapons, tools, etc. They also make a two part foam that is sticky and once you do the cut out you stick the other half to the bottom of it giving your cutout a shadow effect.

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