pic of resto plus ?

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Jan 21, 2007
eastern wash the dry 1/2
hello cruiser freaks, i have been around for a while , don't post often. get most of my ? answered off the tech links. a little about my rig. 75 40 desmogged f2,38mm weber,dui dizzy,2.5 rancho susp lift,2.5 gorilla schacks,etc,etc,etc, my ? is the - castor issue,this rig will try to jump off the road at any bump or grove,i'm talking 10 and 2 and your'e a game on.went into get a front end align and was told on these 40s there no way to fix negative castor???? is there..thanks cubb
You shackle might be a little to long and check you toe angel you could probably bring it in some.
Could you post a closer pic of your shackle angle on the front, I can't quite tell but in your pic it looks like your front shackles might be verticle which would effect your steering feel alot. If your alignment shop told you there's no way to fix something/anything, they just aren't trying hard enough(lazy), try finding another shop.
Good luck

I have almost the same setup as you. But I am waiting to install my OME kit. Anyways I had the same problem... I got the 4 degree shims, (steel ones) and it drives sooo much better. DOOO it!!!


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