Pic/Info request about receiver drier

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Mar 10, 2007
I'm about to finish up my a/c work on my cruiser, and I can't remember which way the receiver drier goes. There is a port labeled "IN," does anyone know which line goes in where?
Status Report:
I was filling the system up as described in the FSM, and I put the can in a pan of warm water to guarantee only vapor was entering the system.
Well, I had the manifold valve fully open when I put the can in the water. The low side pressure shot up to ~80 psi and the pump started screaming. I'm not sure if I blew the seals in the compressor or what, but don't do the water pan technique with the manifold valve wide open.
Remember if you switched to 1334a the reciever dryer is a different type and so are the seals. MIke
The drier is a different type? Do you know of a source for the conversion one?
Bam, second compressor is shot too. Guess we just won't have a/c.
I charged my second compressor slowly with the right amount(~680 grams) and let it sit overnight. When I went to try it out this morning the pressure switch wasn't letting it engage. So I let the engine heat up to force the system into higher pressure, and it kicked on and started screaming like the first pump. Any ideas what went wrong?
Got it figured out and now blowing super cold.
Turns out I didn't ruin any compressors, just didn't have the belt tight enough. FSM calls for an unusually high tension. I don't think there is a difference between an r134 and an r12 drier; they are both just filled with desiccant.
Good to hear you got your AC running.

Mine has been out of service since my engine rebuild. Got a friend to look at it, put some gauges on it, the pressure stayed constant, filled it with R134 worked great for two days. Still have a leak somewhere :frown:

Mind posting a few pictures of your system just because I'm curious?


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