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what do you mean by "put it back together"?
Jun 27, 2013
Madison, MS
I'm having some tech issues with my photos I took taking some bolts off the truck. That, coupled with the jumble of stuff I got back from the plater is making the reinstallation a challenge. The biggest time waster is looking all over the internet for photos of what bolt goes where. I've spent an hour today looking for a photo with no luck. Some don't know and some I just need confirmation on. Many have been quite helpful so far.

Wondering if anyone would mind shooting some photos of some bracket/s and the numbered bolts that go in them so I can make up some time while I wait for the remaining parts to get on the road?

For instance. I figure I can go ahead and reinstall my washer bottle bracket and my battery bracket without impeding my side cover reinstall when I get those bolts back. I'm fairly sure on the batt bracket but the washer bottle one is vexing me because there is a cap nut and some self cutting screws I think.

Any help appreciated and I'll be glad to return the favor somehow.
I'm not able to help with the pictures because my truck has pretty random bolts that i'm sure aren't stock. but maybe this spreadsheet will help:
Hi Mike

Thank you. I have the spreadsheet, but I have mostly original fasteners and some have numbers and some don't so the picture helps with that and also is quicker. I have used the spreadsheet for sleuthing but it takes some time too.

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