Photos needed of fst side mirrors

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
I just acquired a set of fst door with the factory mirrors:grinpimp:. Well, after getting them on my rig, noticed the mirrors are really close to the doors. I assume this is correct but wanted to know for sure. Does anyone out there in enet world have a photo of this set up? Also, the drivers door handle shaft is trashed. Can I use a early model hard door handle in place of it? It has a sqaure punch that is threaded on the end. Couldnt find anything on the search for either of these.

are the mirrors that you got...

mount on the windshild hinges?


mount on the body?


mount of the doors?

as for the handle...same happened to my fst doors...i welded around the handle...square part...and used a grinder to make square again...then drilled and taped to use a bolt.

edit: originally i (a friend :rolleyes: ) welded them on....then i did the above when i replaced the canvas
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Sorry, the mirrors are mounted on top of the t hinge bracket that is mounted to the door itself.

hmm, figured that was going to have to be the route. Thanks JohnnyC.
Stock mirrors on my 64 FST:

Yep, I do have the holes on the side, but have no mirrors....these mirrors came with the doors. Thanks for the link. Just saw this one....figures. Thanks again.

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