Photos from Clear Creek Run (1/29)

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Awesome pix! Thanks.
Thanks Clarence:
Was a pleasure wheeling with you guys, looking forward to doing it again. Glad to see you got home safe... Passing that "rock" was bloody heart stopping..... YIKES....

Cheers, and lets do it again SOON....
Hey Clarence: How did you upload your pics to the board with a URL. Am trying to do this through Yahoo, and it is not working. I have some pics that Iwould like to post and share...

Hey Clarence,

Great pics. Thanks.

Great photos Clarence!

Thanks for getting these photos up so quickly, they are outstanding. We appreciate your energy and talent contributions to Coastal Cruisers. Also thanks to everybody else who made yesterday an outstanding wheel'n event and great way to start the year! Save those cleanup signs and we will complete that at a later date.
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fitchik said:
Hey Clarence: How did you upload your pics to the board with a URL. Am trying to do this through Yahoo, and it is not working. I have some pics that Iwould like to post and share...



Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I see you figured it out. Great pics!

nice pics, loved the scenery shots.
we did a run on Saturday as well but no snow... i am so gealous.
cheers and thanks
Great photos, all.

And thanks. I have some of my own to post. They tend to memory hogs. Just waiting for Garry B to check in to see if I can upload to

Great group of people with great machines.

Wow, since it's been quite awhile since I've been able to do any club stuff, I can't help but be struck with a few observations:

I'm surprised at how many new faces there are!
40s are seriously in the minority!
Look at all the wagons!

Also shows how much of an impact the JDMs are having on our little scene.
Hi Norm,

Bill & I had a discussion on that yesterday.

He was commenting on how, while TLCA membership has been declining overt all, our membership is beginning to rise. I hypothoed that Canadian membership, and BC/Alta in particlular, has probably risen due to the JDM influx (USA must wait 25 years to import compared to our 15). The existing NA TLCs, diesels in particlular (Canada & rust), are a vanishing breed as they age. Now, here comes a fresh supply of "mint" JDMs and renewed interest/clientele. I am an example. Back in the early 80's, I was in LOVE with my '76 FJ40. Ever since I sold her in 1984, I yearned for another Cruiser. Almost bought an 60 series in the mid 90's. But, now I love my BJ74.

And it must be quite the feeling for Greg Bowie, Steve T, Robby M, et al to know that they are part of this growth. Its incredible. This morning, driving to work fr Tsawwassen in the dark, I exchanged greetings with a nice white Prado. That's the 2nd Prado I know of in Tsawwassen. And we also have a white HJ61 as well. "We" the JDMs, are everywhere.


Our membership list is up to 49 now, although a few will probably not be renewing this year. I think that is an all time record for our club. I am happy to see new energy and enthusiasm coming in and it was very apparent on the Clear Creek run. And yes, many of the newcomers are driving JDMs.
Next meeting: Feb 9 --BE THERE!
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Man, you guys need to settle down with the thread starting, you have like 10 different threads for one trip, I had no clue where to post up Martins pictures. I thought of posting one in each thread, but that would be mean, so anyway, here they are.

Nice trip by the way, wishing I was there, especially since my truck is parked for the winter and my snow wheeling consists of freezing my balls off on my quad during work (which I was doing while you guys were basking in the hot tubs:flipoff2: )

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