Photographs of Dad's 1996 FZJ80R

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★ is in the wrong locale
Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia


cool, now i got your rego number, i may report that cruiser to the litter hotline :)
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what's "LP GAS" ??


Propane......or BBQ fuel. That reminds me, Bill, I think it's time to fire up THE BBQ :eek:
damn -- does it run any different?

i saw monster garage over the weekend -- they used NOS on a BRAND NEW 3L honda outboard -- $17K motor --

-- now THAT'S sad --


Did you forget that Jim Phillips' 80 was converted to run on Propane?

He could fill you in on the particulars.
Oh, Jim's still with us. He's just changed horses is all.
He has to stay around, he has not been granted permission to leave ::)

:D ;) 8) ::) :banana: oh, and :flipoff2: (the last one is for the Pootrol)
I've got those 4500i Twin Cam decals on mine. I have a few left if anyone is interested. :D
I sorta dig those mudflaps. They look easily removable for when you are ready to get some rockrash. :)
damn -- does it run any different?
Slightly, But hardly noticeble.

Liquified Petroleum Gas is about 1/3 the price of Petrol and produces more Torque, But less HP(not noticeble though).
The conversion costed about $3,000 and has already payed for it's self. So now as long as LPG is cheaper than Petrol it's the way to go.
The major future problem may be excessive Valve seat wear, Even though the Kit included plumbing for Valve Seat Recession Oil.

LPG for Barbecues contains Butane and Propane, Where LPG for Cars is the Gas given off of Petrol during the Refining Process.

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