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Sep 23, 2004
I'll be heading over that way for spring break. It's been almost 6 years since we headed out there and I'm hoping to have a blast again this time! I'd just like to see if anyone can show us some more trails etc. to run because last time we just kind of winged it on our own.

I'm really curious about crown king, we did a trail (road almost) from the desert that ended up in the mountains. I assumed it to be crown king, however I've seen pictures of trail runs up crown king and they are way harder and look alot funner than what we took.

So any takers on 'wheeling that week. I think the 16th is the last day that I'll be there so I'll have the 12-15 to make some runs.

Also would Moab be a trip worth taking? 800miles extra, never been there, really want to go. Should I just use my days and go up there and just pass on Phoenix? Oh I guess I should add that there is the minor detail of visiting my great aunt there in Phoenix but that should only keep me a day if I really head up to Moab. :cheers:

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