Wanted Philadelphia: FJ40 tub

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May 1, 2019
Hi All, I am hoping that someone may have a tub for sale. It is going on a 67 Fj40. I am willing to travel. Thanks for the consideration
I have a fiberglass tub if you're intersted in that. I believe it's a Malotte.
I haven't put much effort into selling the fiberglass one I have if you're interested. I never used it myself, and not an expert, but based on the gas tank well under the passenger seat, I'd say it fits 78 and older?
There is a guy in Pownal, VT that can build steal tubs if anyone is interested?
He did my 1972 out of 1/4" and it came out really nice.
Interesting....pictures? I'm envisioning a turret on top..lol
Before Tub
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