PHH Question and a few others??

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Oct 7, 2006
Vancouver, WA
So I have had my Cruiser for about 2 months and have looked several times for the PHH. I guess I don't know where to look cause I can't seem to find it to see if it is ok or not. Some pics and a good talk through would be helpful.

My other question is what springs should I look for for my LC, I plan on getting a trailer to tow my M38A1 on and my rally Rabbit. I used a car trailer the other day to tow a buddys car on and it makes the back drop quite a bit with the springs that are on it now, I am pretty sure they are stock. I don't know if I should look for the lifted OME springs or the upgraded stock replacements. I want to go wheeling but I am not into the hardcore stuff, maybe some mud trails and some expedtion wheeling. I really don't want to deal with caster bushings unless they are super easy to put in.

Thanks, Chris :steer:
Since your main objective is leveling while towing then stick some air bags in new stock springs and shocks or maybe the OME "stock height" springs.

There are dozens of pics of the PHH. It is on the left side of your engine, aft of the oil filter, and just in front of the firewall. Best viewing is through the left front wheelwell. Look right above the starter.

That is the description I was looking for, thanks.
Also with 227K on the clock and it being a 93 I would keep a close eye on the HG.
What are the signs I should watch for? I keep an eye on the gauges and check the fluids, anything else?

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