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Jun 10, 2003
San Jose, CA
PGHFJ40's 1970 FJ40

All right, I got some time over lunch to start my vehicle thread so here goes...

This is my '70 FJ40. In 2001, I towed it back from Georgia (30mi south of Macon). This is it... bone stock, in Wellsville, OH:

I only drove it that way for a couple months because it would have needed mucho brake & steering work just to pass inspection. :eek:

I started what seemed to be a never ending project. Here's the list of some of the mod's I've done:
- custom Spring Over Axle suspension w/ rotated knuckles and long travel CV driveshafts front and rear.
- Shackle reversal (front)
- modified rear shackle mount
- custom shock mounts F&R, upper & lower
- 14"F & 12"R travel Bilstein 5125 shocks
- swapped tired F for a 2F w/ headers, 2.5" exhaust, JimC'd '70 carb (2F from '78 had 49k on it)
- SM420 transmission conversion (7:1 1st)
- saginaw power steering/ GM tilt column
- Corbeau Baja SS seats
- 4 wheel disc brakes, SS flex lines; all new brakelines
- electric fuel pump, all new fuel line, clear filter
- York 210 On-board Air
- full roll cage
- 35x14.50 Super Swamper Tires
- tcase saver (reinforcement)
- GM high output alternator
- custom front bumper (2x4x1/4") w/ 8k winch; could hold regulated air for ARB's
- greaseable shackles/pins

It was June 2005 before I could drive it again, as life's responsibilities kept interrupting my project. :doh: That did include buying my own garage (w/ house) to work on the cruiser, though!!! :bounce:

This is what it looked like on its maiden voyage, testing out its new springover off of my driveway (note no seats yet... sitting on a rubbermaid step stool Wooh-hoo):

I have a zillion specific pics from the project, but don't have any current pictures of the whole vehicle. This one was late summer, I think...

It's come along way, though still not quite ready for prime time. On my list of to-do's to be ready for a trail ride:
- re-install carb
- mount OBA tank, plumb
- have custom underbed fuel tank/skid installed
- fix seat brackets (currently too tall... hence underbed tank ;)
- install harnesses/seatbelts
- fab traction bar (it REALLY needs it)
- fab rear bumper
- install f250 front shock mounts
- bumpstops
- headlights

After that, to complete the project:
- new tires & wheels (may get moved up to the before trail ride list?)
- install "accessories" (like lights, guages, horns, jumpseats, etc.)
- wiring
- paint all one color ("IH white" tractor paint... near original color; nothin fancy)
- new steering wheel (want a Grant Removable for security)

There are some other things I'd like to do (for example: ARB's F&R), but those are the carrot(s) I'm dangling for myself... to encourage me to finish my existing work on the project. I do have a spare lincoln-locked 3rd that I may swap in temporarily (it's currently open).

Ok that's me... everybody else post up!

Cheers! :beer: -Ed '70FJ40
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Yeah, trails are the main goal for this one... with the ability to drive to them when I choose to.

We'll see how that turns out: this is my first project. I definitely learned a lot, cuz I did everything myself (except cage, gas tank & carb).

I'll throw in the welded rear after I get in a couple of local shakedown runs. I want to get some confidence in the vehicle first since I've changed so much of it.

I was looking at some of my old wheelin' pics this morning. Made me anxious to go play in the woods again! It's sure nice enough out there right now, too!!!
Punch List

I'll keep my punch list up here & edit it as I finish things.

- PA state inspection is the next goal.

- repair alternator
- wiring
- top off xfer & axles
- fab rear bumper & spare tire carrier
- wire winch control (get connector)
- protect filler hose in wheelwell
- drill/tap reverse switch to tranny top plate; paint tranny/shifter; bolt shortened tranny hump to floor; weld nuts
- fab running board sliders
- mount hi-lift
- paint
- fab skid plate(s)
- fab bull bar
- heat riser or water plate for intake
- front diff/locker/switches/air lines
- rear diff/locker/switches/air lines
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If you would like to an install of the HEI dist. I put one in Erics ride.
78Crusher said:
If you would like to an install of the HEI dist. I put one in Erics ride.

Ya mean yer just gonna give me Eric's HEI? I mean I know he doesn't use it or come to the meetings and all, but... ;)

Thanks for the offer; I'll wait & see till after the more important stuff is done.

I wanna be ready trail ready before April, cuz we're going to the Keys, then upon return, starting a major house project.

I plan on working on it this weekend; I'll give you a yell.
Got the Cruiser back last night!

I (finally!) have useable seats & harnesses. :bounce:

I have yet to spend any QT with her to see how it _really_ turned out (it was dark when I got home). I will get some pix as soon as I get her moving under her own power again--I need to get another fitting for my pickup tube before I can run it w/ the new gas tank.

In any case I'm just happy to have it back--at a minimum, I am a little wiser for that experience.

Next up is the long-awaited traction bar...
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bandy rooster said:
show us your seats and harness's post up a pic...

I only got night pix when I got back. Not real clear, but here ya go...


... will get more pix next time I get a chance to work on it. -Ed '70FJ40
Well, I finally got a chance to work on the cruiser the last couple nights. Got my fuel lines run and the fuel pump cush-mount made up.

Took 'er out for a spin on my driveway and woods ...started up instantly after months of sitting & is running pretty well! :bounce:

I am working on the traction bar now. Had trouble finding 2.25" ID sleeves for the press-fit XJ ctl arm bushings I'd planned to use. Guess I'll search out some bushings w/ standard size OD's & use those instead.

If anyone has thoughts on where to get those sleeves otherwise, let me know: I don't expect to get to that part of it till the weekend.
Found some spring bushings this morning (from a mid-70's mustang) that should press-fit 2" well. We'll see this weekend. I'll post the p/n if they work out... fingers crossed.

I worked out the dimensions & angles for my anti-wrap bar last night. I now have all the materials on hand & the templates cut, so I'm ready to burn metal tonight.
Post Some Pics Of That Bar!!!
78Crusher said:
Post Some Pics Of That Bar!!!

It's taking longer than expected: still working on the front end of it. Tonight I gotta reinforce the xmember, build some tabs & a shackle, then cut the bar to length & weld the johnny joint in.

In the meantime, here's a couple shots of what I got...


Oh, and here's some better shots of the overall vehicle since the tank & seats...


Finished the Traction bar but somehow didn't get any pix of it installed. Guess I'm under the gun for CMCC... still lots to do... w/ so little sleep over the last week.

Remounted my new tank tucked up higher (where I told the guy to put it in the first place). Everything will work out better now: as planned.

Relocated my rear upper shock mounts to clear the gas tank better w/ same or better travel than where I was...

And am working on bumpstops to keep the pumpkin from kissing the gas tank...
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I did it! Got my stuff ready in time for CMCC: finished up at 11:30pm Wednesday, slept two hours & headed out by 2:00am to be there Thursday at 8:00am.

My CMCC shots are here, but here's one last shot with the fancy new wheels & tires (AE589's wearing Q78 x 15's)...

nice job chopping the rear wheel well to fit when flexed.

Still no pics of the completed bar!

78Crusher said:
nice job chopping the rear wheel well to fit when flexed.

I'll share my trick to duplicate factory lines & roll at the next meeting.

78Crusher said:
Still no pics of the completed bar!

Okay... here they are. I just reused an old shackle up front (temporarily) cuz I ran out of time getting ready for CMCC...



It worked well, but the 2nd day at Paragon it bent :frown: at the front axle mount when I got some bounce (entire vehicle, not wheel hop) on a series of ledges during a lapse of reason.


I knew I should have gussetted it, and I also learned why (despite the recommendations of some) I should NOT have used schedule 40 pipe, but rather DOM tube.

It's holding steady (not bending more) w/ some serious trails on it since then, so I'm in no hurry but eventually I will rework it.

It really changed the way the thing feels in terms of launch and braking (MUCH flatter: imagine a bimmer braking hard where it squats all four, not just nose), so I think the geometry is good.

Oh BTW I added a tow hook out the back to chain down on the trailer (and as a tow point since I didn't build a rear bumper yet)... if you're wondering about the extra bolts back there.
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