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Nov 28, 2009
Boca Raton, Florida
Anybody know of any performance parts for the 2022 4Runner? Would love to get the super charger from Magnuson but doesn’t seem like they are going to do it? I checked with S&B about a cold air intake and they don’t have it for the 2022 model. Hoping some things start to come out.
Pedal Commander? Should make a difference in how it drives. With these slower V6 yotas I'd try that first.

I love the pedal commander. The Y pipe is known to be something that can easily be improved. The crossover is very restrictive where it passes under the transfer case and losing the two rear cats also helps.
I just installed a TRD intake. I bought the parts individually, cheaper that way by about $100. There has been a raging debate for decades about the effectiveness of aftermarket intakes. Many people claim they make no difference other than noise. So here's my take: It cost all total with shipping $255.33 (I already had an AEM dry filter). Installation was super simple. Yes, it howls at the upper end of the RPMs when my foot is in it. Throttle response right off idle is considerably better. Bear in mind that I do have a Peddle Commander, so that is a big part of it, but I had that on since the first week of ownership. My around town mileage seems to be better. During normal driving, I can hear what the engine is doing and I like that. It pulls a little harder than it did before at the important RPMs, idle to 3k where we do most of our driving. Bottom line is I'm pleased with it and I'm leaving it on. Here's the breakdown on the parts ordered through BAM Wholesale Parts. I will post more when I have more miles on it and after a few tanks of gas. Next up: removing the redundant cats, restrictive Y pipe and boat anchor muffler in favor of a Flowmaster 70 series (I love the way these sound!)

PTR03-35090-AATRD Air Intake Lid and Hardware$76.151$76.15
PTR03-35090-AFTRD Air Intake Lower Air Box$58.461$58.46
PTR03-35090-ACTRD Air Intake Flow Accelerator$6.351$6.35
PTR03-89100-AATRD Air Intake Tube$27.371$27.37
PTR03-89100-ABTRD Hardware Kit, Air Intake System$32.681$32.68
PTR03-34071Service Parts, TRD, Air Flow Monitor, Cold Air Intake. Air Intake System.$18.001$18.00
Exhaust Dos and Don'ts.

I put in the 70 Series Flowmaster muffler along with the custom Y pipe that the guys at St George Muffler and Radiator did for me (love these guys!) I had a 70 series on an LX470 and it was phenomenal! A sweet, mellow, beautiful V8 rumble, never raspy, no drone, BUT... a V6 is a different animal. On the 4Runner it was none of those things. It was too loud, there was a bad drone and it just sounded like crap. So after twenty miles on the highway I was back in the shop and we reinstalled the original muffler with the new Y pipe. The redundant cats disappeared. In my opinion this is perfect. It is a bit more throaty because the second cats are gone, but it's pleasant! This, along with the TRD intake, AFE dry flow air filter and the pedal commander, it runs WAY better than stock, even with the 285 tires. This is the way Toyota should have built it.

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