Perfect 96 LC

Feb 11, 2005
central Florida
For Sale 96LC

52,000 miles meticulously maintained. No dents, no scratches, no rust, no rips or tears. Brand new 275 70/16 Michelin Cross Terrains,less than 1000 miles. New Monroe shocks. Front end just aligned. New belts, all brakes replaced , wheel bearings repacked with new seals. New plugs,cap,rotor,air filter,pcv. Transmission, transfer case, front and rear diff all serviced M1. Radiator flushed,thermostat replaced all new antifreeze

No sunroof problems or cabin leaks
Roof rack removed and checked
Sorry no lockers

I am the second owner of this vehicle and purchased it directly from the original owner who lives nearby. He told me he made 60, 1000 dollar payments for this vehicle. I have maintenance documentation from new. This vehicle sits in a dehumidified garage and only goes out on weekends. If you are looking for an extremely nice example of an unmolested 80 series cruiser, look no further. This vehicle is ready to go anywhere.

Price is 21,500 I can be reached at 321-917-2003 if interested
Apr 17, 2005
Tucson, AZ
Little steep? Unless gas prices have gone down to $0.95 a gal and new cruisers have gone up to $150,000 then it's insane!

How many people are sitting around with $21,500 cash in their hands thinking... Hmmmm, I'd like to buy a nice 10 year old SUV that gets worse gas milage then a 1996 Tahoe and offroads only a little better without even being as fast or cheap to fix?

I'm not trying to be rude but milage only goes so far! I could buy one with 180K on it and lockers then fix everything (motor included) twice for the difference..

I think people are loosing their minds with the prices they're asking! I have 6 cars I'm trying to sell... If it takes more then 3 weeks to sell, you're asking TOO MUCH!
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