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Jul 18, 2010
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  1. 80 Series
Idaho, United States
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I have a binder with records of virtually everything purchased for this vehicle over the years. And digital maintenance records since my purchase ten years ago. The pictures under the truck that look like there is dirt/mud caked on it is the result of an oil based rust preventative that the PO put on, which doesn't look nice but has protected the frame well.
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Factory Equipment:
• Factory lockers, stock gears
• Leather, (front seats are worn but no holes or rips) moonroof, the usual AC, PS, PW, DL, CC, (center diff lock switch w/pin 7 modification)
• Second row seats are in great shape (stored) no third row seats

Baseline Maintenance Completed:
• Oil and filter change, replaced air filter
• New coolant, after separate engine, radiator and heater core flushes
• Replaced all soft AT lines, coolant, heater, vacuum, and power steering hoses (rebuilt PS pump)
• New fan clutch and thermostat, removed and cleaned radiator inside and out
• Replaced front crank, oil pump, valve cover, and spark plug tube seals
• Replaced PCV, grommet and hose, vent hose to throttle body.
• Checked valve clearances
• Removed and cleaned throttle body and intake manifold, fuel injectors refurbished and tested
• Replaced fuel pressure regulator and oil pressure sending unit.
• Replaced both O2 sensors
• Replaced spark plugs, wires, distributor cap/rotor, all belts/idler pulley, evap. Canister, oil fill cap
• Front axle rebuild (Marlin Crawler axle seals) including new spindles and Birfield seals, full Birfield clean and lube. PowerStop drilled and slotted rotors, Hawk Super Duty Truck pads, reman. calipers
• Replaced front and rear wheel bearings (staked rear spindles for good bearing fit), and seals, transfer, diffs oil
• Wheel alignment
• Rear drive shaft u-joints replaced
• Brake fluid flushed/replaced
• Checked the wiring harness near the EGR – no melted insulation or discoloration. Replaced the heat reflective tape with 90% DEI heat reflective wrap from Summit.
• Moon roof drains cleaned
• Removed driver’s seat to replace nylon drive gears for forward/back – still looked new, gears included in spare parts.
• Replaced steering shaft dust seal
• Spares: some critical relays, alternator fuse, full set of belts, SST for rear wheel bearing service, Toyota Factory Service Manual hard copy and digital, nylon drive gears for forward/back on electric seats, Leatherique Prestine Clean and Rejuvenator

• Replaced contacts and plunger on starter
• Replaced fuel pump and filter
• Replaced windshield and moonroof
• Replaced rear transfer case extension housing seal and bearing
• Replaced hood and hatch struts

Added Equipment/Modifications:
• ARB Bull Bar
• Warn Zeon 10S winch with Blue Sea full load disconnect switch, corded and wireless remote, wired with 2/0 AWG
• 150A Sequoia alternator with proper wiring (#2 AWG) and fuse
• Blue sea busbar for distributed 12V
• Artec battery mount
• #10 wiring run to rear of console for fridge, etc. LED interior lighting
• ScanGauge 2
• Toyota Hand Throttle
• Yaesu FT-2900R 2M HAM
• WeatherTech front floor liners (carpet is good)
• Fort Knox Auto Pistol safe
• Slee head light harness & relays
• Slee rear locker guard
• Slee belly skid plate, plus custom skid plate
• OME 2 1/2” lift with castor correction bushings – heavy springs; FR OME850, RR OME863, OME shocks and steering stabilizer
• Goodyear LT285/75R16 MTR Tires on original wheels
• PHH bypass, rear heater removed
• 38 gallon LRA replacement fuel tank (from Australia)
• Metal Tech Sliders with very stout integral cat protection
• Custom lightweight floor/storage/drawer/sleeping platform, featuring Creform frame, total weight: 150 lbs
• ARB 50qt fridge, inset in storage unit for easy access, bolted to floor on extra insulation
• FlexiTank water tank in right rear quarter panel, six gallons
• ARB Awning, connects to brackets at rear of roof rack
• 4X4 Labs bumper with swing out tire carrier & custom swing out rack for MaxTrax, Shovel, Chain Saw (saw not included) Extreme Shower

• Pros: Garaged, well maintained, body and paint are good, great setup for extended off road travel and camping. Used off road but not abused, it had to get me back home – no trailering.
• Cons: Original head gasket, tachometer does not work, (ScanGauge reads RPM fine), left rear Slee spring has some rust, some off road pinstriping, Sears Diehard Platinum battery is working well but is nine years old, (kept on maintainer).
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Jul 18, 2010
Melmwood, Thank you, I kept thinking of things that could go wrong and it turned into a pretty good baseline list.
I grew tired of the tent on the ground scene but didn't want a RTT and decided to make a good setup for sleeping and storing most everything inside.
Dec 19, 2020
Awesome rig. Do you still have the rear seats?

EDIT: Re-read the listing. Back seats yes, third row, no.
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