PCV valve and oil on other line

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Sep 17, 2015
Jefferson City TN
hey guys,

During my trip across country I had oil leaking from the PCV valve a little, going to swap it out and add an oil catch.

But I had oil leaking out of the hose across from it on the valve cover. See the bigger hose point in the pic. What is it? How do I stop oil leaking? Could this cause my EGR code 71? ObdI. I borrowed the pic from here on mud.

Got a Napa fuel filter to use as an oil catch on the PCV line. Will get something better soon.

But the larger diameter nipple/ hose in the pic is what really leaked oil. What can I do to help that?
Thanks for the link. That may help me get this rolling. What is that second line?

Ordering a new PCV and rubber grommet.

Sent an email about which catch will do well.
Also could the oil be causing an ERG code? I have replaced the VSV, the vacuum modulator, all vacuum lines... Still throwing the code
I doubt it. You need the dual catch can, universal.

Thanks for the help. That helps a ton. You don't happen to have a pic of it installed do you?
Do you know how old the grommet is? I replaced mine ( no clue how old mine was, but my 97 lx450 had 199,000 miles) and it crumbled and fell in. I was able to get the pieces out with needle nose pliers. Same thing happend on my 96 4runner. Just FYI if its original or old it will be brittle.

Maybe i dont understand but i replaced the grommet, pcv valve and hose... No leak. Why would someone need the oil catch thing? Thanks
I just did these two hoses and the pcv valve grommet but not the valve itself, mine was leaking oil because of a cracked pipe and hardened grommet. I think,

Is there any way of checking the pcv valve is operating correctly?
Take the PCV valve off and blow in it. Should be able to blow one way and not the other.
I bought aftermarket and could blow air thru both ways.
It went in the trash, and I went and gone one from dealership.
You can buy the Grommet on Ebay, as it is the same company that produces OEM. Not sure what the cost savings is.
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