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Mar 6, 2018
I was member when LSLC first started and had a beige 94 FJ80 with J springs that Nolan helped install and full roof rack bought from Jim Reiss.

That cruiser was sold to my brother years ago and was repurchased about a year ago. It is in Semi rough shape cosmetically. I have been looking for
parts to get back into the shape it was when I had it.

I ran int a guy at father in laws funeral in Kansas a few months ago that I knew had a 96 FJ80 and asked if he still had it which he did. Said it was sitting
out back behind his garage. What you take for it? Come pick it up and its yours.

Well i did that. Body in excelent condition, been sitting 7 years, he dragged it away from garage to load it (right rear parking brake stuck so drug rear tire loosened it after got on trailer), was able jump start and drive onto trailer with stuck rear wheel.

Trying to contain my excitement. Opened drivers door - it has lockers, Started on 7 year old gas after turning over about 30 times, with no smoke or noises
from engine. interior just need front leather seats recovered.

Bad - has 395,500 miles. Engine runs good, drives good, all accessories work just needs some cleaning, fluid changes and normal things for a vehicle sitting
for 7 years. Lockers do not work but will remove actuators and and get that going.

I would like to have about a 4 inch lift and run 35's. I will put roof rack and arb front bumper from 94 on it.

What is recommended lift for these now? Any other suggestions/recommendations? 94 spoken for - my son.

I am in Tulsa now but would like to get back into LSLC and will try to come to meeting in the 96 in the next 2 months.

yep free FJ80 with factory lockers.


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