Passenger seat electric wiring harness Questions

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May 24, 2013
Broken Arrow, OK
Hey guys, first of all here is my 1994 LC.
PM is currently being done on it with a tune up and rear brakes already done. I also replaced the power brake booster as well. I got some newer FJ rims as well.
I have a set of seats that came out of a 97 LC with power seats. I posted this earlier but didn’t an appropriate title so I hoping that this title will help.
I am having trouble with the passenger side power seats. I have included a picture of the wires under the seat (rear heater shot) and another picture of the bottom of the electric passenger seat itself. The male plug that is loose and not connected on the bottom of the seat has two wires blue/black strip and white/black stripe.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If there is a wiring harness that I need to get please feel free to send me any info you can on that as well. I appreciate this forum and everyone’s great input!


LC passanger seat floor.JPG

LC passanger seat.JPG
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I have the same question. Mine's a 93 with Leather power seats. Driver's seat is properly connected. Pass seat has same exact male connector as in the original post in this thread. I also have the same 2 wires with black connector coming out of the harness and not attached to anything.

I tested the wires leading to the black connector, no juice.

It seems like there is no corresponding wires for the seat coming from the harness?

Am I missing something stupid :bang:


seat harness.jpeg
Sorry to hear that you are having the same issue. I think that Onur said we would have to buy the whole wiring harness and switch it out. Which if I am understanding correctly we would have to pull up the entire carpet to do. It is not a simple plug and play like the driver side is.
Hopefully someone else will have some input otherwise the passanger will just have to like the straight up and close position of the seat to the dash!!!!!
I feel your pain :bang::bang::bang:
Did Onur say that it was never there? Or it had been removed or modified somehow? As in were these manual seat vehicles that someone added power seats to the driver's side?
Mine is a 94 with stock cloth seats. I got leather seats out of a 96. but the 94 didnt come with the power cable. so you have to get a 96 power cable from Onur. it wasnt that much but it was a lot of work to get installed due to the removeale of the seats and carpet. it might be easier than i am making it out to be?
Let me know if you find out anything more.
Guys- Any update on this? Swapping out 93 cloth to 97 leather and could use a short cut...
1993 Cloth seats, putting them in my 40th Ann. Will sell the 93 with leather but only the driver's seat has power. Picked up a sweet 93 with ARB lockers and 18K in receipts from SLEE. Will post in classifieds shortly. My son is 13 and building a 95 (airbags) and we are pulling all of the SLEE bits off of it.
IIRC, the seats only need power and ground, not rocket science? I wasn't aware of a separate manual harness, have you followed the harness, dug around under the carpet for the plug?
Yep- I was surprised as well, Drivers side has it. I will track down a wrecked one and pull the loom... Sounds like that's the only option without hacking it up.

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