passed emissions today

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Jan 4, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA and Fountain Hills, AZ
WOO HOO :bounce: :bounce2: second year in a row - no tricks required, just warm-up and go

woman who drove the 40 on the dyno said "this is the coolest vehicle I have ever tested" - yeah :doh:
hallelujah sistah! :cheers:

I remember my 60 recently going through...they had a hard time finding a worker there that could drive a manual and keep it on dyno range rpms through the test. :doh:

yup , 40's are :cool:
Congratulations I use to hate having to take my 68 thru even year. Never used it in town but had to have emissions. I do remember driving it on the dyno myself. ut that was over ten years ago. My 70 is registered up north but it would be interesting to see how they handle the three on the tree shifter. Five years were $55. How much are they getting out of you every year with the emissions added in?
emissions is $19 - one re-test allowed, for the third test they charge another 19 bucks, free re-test - and so on

don't ask me how I know :rolleyes: one year it took 5 tests until I gave up and brought it to a professional with a machine

I doubt there is anyone there who could drive a 3-on-the-tree; although it can't possibly be more awkward than a 2CV :meh:
Me too, with flying colors. 2 CSC members at the same time at the same testing facility. A rip in the space-time continuum? :hmm:

Oh and congrats! :clap:

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