For Sale parts vehicle 2001 Tacoma 6cyl, 4x4

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United States
Son's wrecked his 2001 Tacoma 2 days ago. We just installed last month a 2.5 inch Lift from Cruiser outfitters. Has ARB front bumper now with small wrinkle. . Snow tires with less then 1000 miles.. I'm pretty sure around 190k miles. Has new Alternator 3 weeks ago. Has 6 cylinder. engine. Tool box has a couple dings. I feel that mechanically axles and auto/tranny are in great shape. Engine I will inspect when I have time.

Car was flipped and landed on roof so most of body glass except rear glass is broken. Interior in decent shape. I have not tried starting the vehicle since we brought home. Its snowing here right now in CO but I can send accident pics to anyone interested. WE paid $1450 on lift from Kurt. so going to ask $2500. IT rolls fine and can be steered. Drivers door only door that can be easily opened (how he got out). I'm not looking to part anything off of it so please don't ask I simply don't have time.

PM me for pics if interest.
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Here are a couple pics



sold shipping out tomorrow I hope!

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