Parts meet August

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Jan 12, 2008
West MI near GVSU
What would everyone think about another get together for the purpose of a parts swap/campout sometime in August?

We would be glad to host at our place. We have a pool and could grill. We have plenty of yard space for tents/pop ups.

We’re in Allendale just west of Grand Rapids near GVSU.

There is also a section of county road between Allendale and Grand Haven that would allow for a possible fun run. We could cut out a downed tree at the west end and then go take a tour through Grand Haven with dirty trucks and get ice cream by the marina.
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FANTASTIC, depending on when, im in. ive got some 99 100 parts my wife keeps trying to throw away. :bang: no love shared for spares :cry:
I'd like to do it but going to SAS3 in early August and all my eggs are in that basket trying to get my 60 done. Other than going to the gig on the 29th I don't have much of a life lol
well i wonder what parts for my 99 we can swap for your 69? JK, seems like there'd be more interest in this.

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