Parts Man

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I was at KW picking parts and seen a saying that made me think of Cdan.
"Arguing with the parts man is like wrestling with a pig, eventualy you realize the pig enjoys it"
Um, Kurt,

We generaly don't enjoy it too much, unless the guy on the other side of the counter is an idiot............... ::)

In which case, we enjoy thier stupidity to the highest degree.............. :D

Albiet with a caveat: "Diplomacy is the ART of letting someone have YOUR way". And I must add my personal favorite: "Don't you just HATE IT when you get what you asked for, instead of what you needed?"
My goodness!!!
What great words of wisdom, and from the hallmonitor tooo!!! :D

J/K please don't go for the M1.... :p
New Mexico is where it's at. I don't like the weather, but the parts guy down there is an alright guy in my opinion. ;)

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