Parting with our beloved Pajero

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Gone to a good home in Cranbrook. :cheers:

Already on it.

We got more $ than anticipated which was surprising but nice. :cheers:

I'm currently fiddling with IBC and will most likely pull my deposit via visa and give them the bird. It's not been a pleasant experience.

I've tossed it up on IVOAC.

We're going to bring in a pair.

Pajero again and a Delica.

Obviously, they will both receive the Jesse lift/trail ready treatment.

BTW, if anyone thinks Pajero are truly a cheap man's wheelin' rig, they are dead wrong. At least with the loaded JDM diesel's. I loved mine. Factory locker, manual hubs, 5.29 gears :banana:


ps. IBC this is for you :flipoff2::popcorn:
Factory locker, manual hubs, 5.29 gears :banana:

:eek: Are the Delicas the same gearing. Bet that was why that one guy on IVOAC was complaining about revs of 4000 at 100 kms/hr. Bigger rubber would pretty much be mandatory. I am also looking around. if you can recommend a good comapny in Japan, shoot me a PM. Thanks
John shot you a PM.

that brick of a delica would have a hard time rolling 35s but the Pajero being lower and light could do it, slowly

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