Parting out 2 FJ40's

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Jan 31, 2006
Olean, NY
Parting out 2 FJ40's (SOLD)

Hey All,
I am new at this, but I bought a 1976 FJ40 a month ago and have been on the search for small parts. I bought 2 FJ40's as parts trucks but will not need many parts. I will be looking to sell over the shoulder seatbelts, jump seats, front seats, dashpads, hard tops, ambulance doors, and all the other parts I don't need (which is the rest). They have been virtually untouched. I bought them because it would have cost me over $400 for the small parts I needed. (washer motor glove box, ash tray, emblems, etc.) Anyways, if anyone is interested, let me know. I will be going to pick up some parts off of them next weekend. I believe the FJ's are around the 76 year like mine. I am located in Manassas, Virginia.
Regards, K.Straub
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How much for the seat belts?

If you're willing to ship, you'd be much better off posting this in the main For Sale section.

Not sure.

I found the 2 cruisers in NY and I am having them shipped to my Dad's house there. I am going up next weekend to strip them some and take what I need. I am not sure how much I can ask for the parts yet, because I haven't looked at them yet. All I kow is the interiors are virtually untouched and the seatbelts are in both I think. Give me a little time. I will bring them down with me and figure out a price based on condition.
I have those parts.

I have those parts. Iwill bring them down. I am going to NY on feb 24th and coming back on the 26th.
do you have 4spd tranny and transfer? i am not sure what i need but would be interested in those...

let me know.
I have those and will bring. Anything else, call me at 571 239-5388. Where are you located?
i would also like a carb fan. i think that truck would have one. let me know. what is the history/mileage of both trucks?
I will check

I will check this weekend and be able to let you know more later. Thanks

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