Parting Out Parting out 1997 Lexus LX450

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Do you have the spoiler I don't know if that's the name that it's in the rear upper tail gate???


I am interested in all four interior door panels and the shifter console with the woodgrain cover. I will PM you as well.

Are the visors any good? Would be interested in them if they are. PM you for them as well.
Sent you a PM / Conversation
Has anyone made a contact or purchase from this ad? I have not gotten any responses (this post or conversation from him).
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thanks for the PM - also interested in your center cluster where the transmission / transfer case shifters are and front seat belts
All, thanks for your patience. I thought I was going to have the time this last week to answer these and get these parts out the door but it looks like I have some other issues that I have to deal with. I will most likely be taking this post down as I don't have the time to part this one out right now. If anything changes, I'll contact you. Thanks for your understanding.
I read your post about taking it down, but I am looking for LH headlamp asm, which should be quick and easy to pull. Pm me if you want. Thanks.
I badly need a few fender flares. Blew a tire on the freeway and it ripped mine off. What I need is the passenger side rear fender flare, plus the flare that becomes the door moulding. Also the Passenger side front fender flare(rock rash) Could also use the lower valance, the part below the turn signals above the front bumper. Please let me know price and availability.
need the muffler if it is in good shape. Please post some pics and cost to 75034
any chance of getting the exhaust manifolds?
I need the splash guard/skid plate below the a/c compressor.
I need the splash guard/skid plate below the a/c compressor.
PM sent!

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