Parting out 1986 2F

Dec 29, 2003
I'm in the process of a Fj60 conversion to diesel (13B-T). I just finished pulling the 2F/Tranny combo out and am looking at parting it out. I'll sell anything you want off it for a good price (except the t-case). Below are some of the major components and what I'm hoping to get (make me an offer too.) I'll also sell any other parts you'd like (engine block, valve cover, tranny, etc...). I have pictures of everything so just ask and I'll send you a close-up.

Here's the story on the engine. It's the original engine out of an 86 FJ60 with 186k miles on it. The engine has low compression (revealed in a leakdown test) in 3 cylinders (2 exhaust valves, 1 rings). The engine started and ran just with poor performance, everything else worked fine to my knowledge. I only drove it home (10 miles or so) and took the engine out. It was a daily driver for a law student for years. I don't know about passing smog since they don't do that here in Idaho. I really don't know much more than that and I'll do my best to help you out with any questions.

If you do want the heavier stuff (tranny and block) I'd prefer not to ship them but pick up or drop off in the Spokane/Lewiston/Moscow-Pullman area. As always buyer will pay all shipping costs. I can estimate them pretty well (coming from 83843 zip, Moscow, Idaho). I'll take paypal (bank transfer or balance only please to avoid fees or add 5% to cover fees if using credit card) or check/money order.

motor mount brackets on engine $25
oil pump $30
oil pan $35
starter $25 (edges of teeth worn slightly, worked fine when I took it out)
Alternator $35
camshaft $60
bellhousing $50
flywheel $50
air cleaner $20
clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing/fork $50
block/tranny/tcase MAKE OFFER

OEM carb $50 SOLD
All emissions stuff $110 SOLD
Distributor complete $50 SOLD
Intake manifold $40 SOLD
exhaust manifold $40 SOLD
complete head w valves & rocker assembly $75 SOLD
crank pully $25 SOLD
coil & ignition $45 SOLD
fuel pump $20 SOLD
water pump $25 SOLD
water outlet $10 SOLD
fan/fan clutch $25 SOLD

Here's two pictures of the motor for reference.

thanks mike -


Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
<hi-jack on>

13B-T eh? I thought it was gonna be a 1HZ...? What changed your mind? Price? Ease of install? Turbo? Just wonderin' as I have plans to start my swap this summer and I am still debating exactly what to go with (though it will most likely be the IHZ with a turbo unless $$ becomes an issue for me...)

-Ben F-

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Dec 29, 2003
many things so far, mostly mileage and turbo. I was this close to buying the 1hz then decided that the loss of 5-10mpg over the 13bt wasn't going to fly with the family or me. Also, the specs come awfully close to each other with that turbo on the 13bt. As for ease of install I think I'm going to have a more difficult time since the motor mounts will be refabricated and moved. I guess you can reuse one of the 2f mounts on a 1hz supposedly.

i'm having a hard time finding just the motor/tranny combo though so who knows maybe i'll be back with the 1hz in the end....


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